We expect Tupras credit metrics to have been stretched in 2013

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canada goose uk outlet The Stable Outlook reflects our forecast that in 2015 Tupras credit metrics will return to levels commensurate with the ratings, ie, funds from operations (FFO) net leverage of below 2.5x on a sustained basis. This is despite tight refining margins that should persist until at least 2015 and the adverse impact of the recent sharper than expected depreciation of the Turkish lira. We expect Tupras credit metrics to have been stretched in 2013 and https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com to remain so in 2014, ie, FFO adjusted net leverage of between canada goose outlet 2.5x and canada goose outlet jackets 3x, as it completes the Residuum Upgrading Project (RUP) at the Izmit refinery, pays generous dividends and implements high capex until 2015, leaving limited rating headroom.. canada goose uk outlet

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